The Colours of Siberia

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The Colours of Siberia


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Combined tour from  Abakan


DAY 1 – Acquaintance with ancient stone art

9:00 Meeting with a guide at the railway station/ in the airport.


Departure from  Abakan to Lake Belyo.

Visit to Boyar Petroglyphs (the excursion) on the way to Lake Belyo.

Lunch in a cafe.

Accommodation at the recreation center at Lake Belyo.

Dinner, Russian banya.


DAY 2 – Visit to “The Temple of Time”

9:00 Breakfast.

Excursions to the Sunduki Mountain Rangeand Tuim Fault.

The Sunduki Mountain Rangeis a worldwide famous ancient observatory, a potent “place of power”. It got its name because of the shape of the stone on one of the mountain tops that resembles a chest (in Russian – sunduk).


Visit to Tuim Fault. It is a man-made object of a collapsed mine with the diameter of about 200 m, the depth to the water is of over 120 m, the depth of the water part of the fault is unknown.

Returning to the recreation center, swimming in the lake.



DAY 3 – The Ancestors’ Path

9:00 Breakfast.

Trip to the village of Efremkino.

Hiking route along the Ancestors’ Path. If you walk under the slope past yurts and reach the river, you will find the Proskuryakov grotto on your right. The grotto is a cave where an ancient encampment of Neolithic man was found.


Returning to the recreation center.



DAY 4 – Trip to the Valley of Kings

9:00 Breakfast.

The excursion to the Valley of Kings where there are about 50 grave-mounds belonging to III-IV centuries  BC. The key destination of the trip is the Big Salbyk burial mound, once erected over the grave of a noble family of  a Tagar tribe. It was excavated in 1954-56. Its circumference was 0.5 km and the height –  11.5 m, with the weight of the standing stones 70 tons.


Returning to the recreation center.

Russian banya, leisure time.

Fishing, a boat tour or excursion to Oglakhty Area of  Khakassky State National Reserve are arranged if desired*.


DAY 5-7 - Activities

9:00 Breakfast. Check out.

10:00 The excursion to Ulug Khurtuyakh Tas (a stele of a big old stone woman). This is the stele that native women who want to give birth to a baby worship and bring gifts to.

Accommodation of the group at recreation center “Snow Leopard”.

The recreation center is located in the heart of friendly Siberian taiga on the bank of the mountain river Stoktysh. This place where air, water and land run into one in perfect harmony is in the center of the Western Sayan Mountains. The heady air and the water are enchanting, and the land is covered with moss and soft forest coral – reindeer lichen, cowberry and blueberry meadows, dwarf birches.

Lunch (14:00-15:00)

The hiking trips available for the group:

to Mount Mayak (3 km one way, 3 hours) that gives a magnificent panorama of local attractions  (screes , floodplain of the Bolshoy On, the Sayan Mountains);

to a hunter's hut (1 km one way, 2 hours). The tourists will get acquainted with today’s everyday life of  a hunter, and learn some of the hunting craft secrets;

to the suspension Bridge of Love(2 km one way, 2,5 hours). The suspension bridge passes through the high-mountain river Bolshoy On. According to a local tradition a husband or a boyfriend has to carry his beloved lady in his arms over the Bridge of Love above the waters of the mountain river;

to Lakes Kamenistoye and Lyubimoye   (1,5 km on foot, 9 km by car, 3,5 hours). The tourists will go along a very beautiful path scattered with stones, overgrown with lots of herbal plants. Kamenistoye is a lake outlet of Lake Lyubimoye;

through the cedar forest to mountain lake Marankul (8 km one way) or to the Stoktyshskie mountain lakes (10 кмone way).

Those for whom such hikes are too tough can stay at the recreation center to enjoy the surrounding views, to pick mushrooms, berries or herbs that are abundant in the area.


DAY 8-9 - Visit to "Sleeping Sayan".

9:00 Breakfast. Check out.

The excursion to the Sayano-Shushenskaya Hydro-Electric Power Station (the external view), visit to the trout farm at will.

Departure to the natural park Ergaki. Meeting with “the Host” of this territory - "Sleeping Sayan".  If you look closely at the outlines of the mountains, you can see that "Sleeping Sayan" lies on His back, with hands on His chest. You will learn more about it from the guide’s story.

The trip along "The Path of the Siberian Hunter"*.The ecological path leads to a special world with its laws, according to which fur-bearing animal hunters lived and still livenow. You mayl enjoy picturesque landscapes and get acquainted with everyday life and traditions of hunters of the beginning of the XX century, their craft techniques and old self activating traps. In the middle of the route there is a real hunter's winter hut. Near the hut there is a fire-pit with benches arranged in the form of a horseshoe for good luck. At the end of the route you will meet with a taiga giant – a century-old Siberian pine!

Radial route to Mountain Parabola *.The hike is a trip to the most popular and beautiful places of Ergaki. The route includes such sights as Lake Raduzhnoye, Hanging Stone, Lake Marmara, Marble Fall and, of course, the famous Parabola. (The hiking takes 10-12 hours and is for physically trained tourists who can overcome long distances).

Radial route to Peak Bird *.If you reach Bird's shoulder you can see Mountain Spirits Lake and look down on Parabola. Those who wish can climb Bird's head using special equipment. On the way you will stop at Lake Svetloye to enjoy the surroundings, the scent of pine needle and, of course, the cool water of the mountain lake.

Route to Hanging Stone*.It is perfect for the first acquaintance with the nature park Ergaki. The weekend tour is for those who want to change the routine environment to mental relaxation. You will hear a beautiful legend about a stone giant whose name is Sleeping Sayan and will learn who can wake Him up by pushing Hanging Stone down.

Radial route to Lake Svetloye *.It gives a magnificent view of Ergaki to Peak Star and Peak Bird. The hike is almost for any fitness level. The route includes Lake Svetloe иLake Medvezhie at will.

Route to Marble Fall*.It is an easy, interesting and cheerful route for tourists of almost any fitness level. The beautiful waterfall and the lake surrounded with a line of cliffs amaze you with its greatness. It's a wonderful trip for those who like activities.

Radial route to Mountain Tushkanchik*. Majestic mountains, rich landscapes, unforgettable panoramas will accompany you on your way! On the top of Tushkanchik you will see a wooden cross and a cast icon of Theotokos set in into the rock. The mountain is an inexhaustible source of energy. This is a pilgrimage place for believers. The air is absolutely clear, full of scent of mountain flowers and a magnificent tonic plant, Sagan-Dailami.

Excursion to Stone City*.Fantastic bunching of stones takes you to a fabulous valley of giants that look like monsters holding the sky on their shoulders.

Returning to the recreation center.

Dinner. Russian banya.


DAY 10, 11, 12 – Rafting down the river Kazyr.

8:00 Breakfast, Check out.

Departure to the village of Gulyaevka, a starting point of 3-day rafting and fishing.

Returning to Abakan in the evening of the third day.

Overnight accommodation at a hotel.


DAY 13 – Goodbye, Siberia!

8:00 Check out.

Transfer to the airport.


The tour cost is 840 euro per person.

Extra charges:

-                    excursions marked with *,

-                    hotel in Abakan,

-                    alcoholic drinks,

-                    tick-borne encephalitis insurance,

-                    souvenirs.




13 days


Service (included):

-         transportation service for the duration of the tour,
guide services,

-         the excursion to the Sunduki Mountain Range and  Tuim Fault,

-         the excursion to the Valley of Kings,

-         the excursion to Ulug Khurtuyakh Tas,

-         hiking tours in recreation center “Snow Leopard”,

-         rafting down the Kazyr,

-         full board meals,

-         accommodation,

-         Russian banya 3 times for the tour program,

-         accident insurance.



June– August



full board meals



transportation service according to the program



People in a group:

from5 to20




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