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с 23.06 по 01.07.
с 16.07. по 26.07.
с 11.08. по 20.08.

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Region: The Republic of this region
DAY 1 – Acquaintance with Khakassia

10:00 Meeting the tour participants at the railway station/ in the airport.


Tour around the city. Visit to the park of topiary art. It is the only park of this sort not only in Siberia, but also in Russia. The park displays such extraordinary expositions as the Eiffel Tower, English lawns, alpine gardens, numerous Siberian and overseas plants,cozy alcoves, swings, various statue animals sitting along the paths and many other things.

Lunch in Abakan.

Excursion to the Sayano-Shushenskaya Hydro-Electric Power Station (the external view), visit to the trout farm at will.

Arrival to tourist center "Country Hearth".

Dinner. Russian banya.


DAY 2 – To the Ancestors' Past

9:00 Breakfast.

The trip to the village of Kazanovka for the excursion to Khakas Republic National Museum-Reserve. The reserve was founded in 1996 due to the initiative of Leonid Yeryomin, a historian, archeologist and not indifferent person, sincerely loving KhakassiaThis museum-reserve is an example of how people should treat their historical and cultural heritage.

You will have an opportunity to touch an extraordinarily powerful ancient stone Ah Tas (White Stone) and to see paintings of ancient artists. In the aal, a Khakas traditional settlement, you will be met by kind hosts who will cook a traditional dinner and will acquaint you with ethnic cultureKhakas musicians will tell you about ethnical instruments and will sing songs using a specific throat singing technique — “Khai”.

Then there will be a stop near the Khakas village where stele Ulug Khurtuyakh Tas (a big old stone woman) is set. Native women who want to give birth to a baby worship and bring gifts to the stele.

Accommodation of the group at recreation center “Snow Leopard”.

The recreation center is located in the heart of friendly Siberian taiga on the bank of the mountain river Stoktysh. This place where air, water and land run into one in perfect harmony is in the center of the Western Sayan Mountains. The heady air and the water are enchanting, and the land is covered with moss and soft forest coral – reindeer lichen, cowberry and blueberry meadows, dwarf birches.


Russian banya.

DAY 3 – Activities

9:00 Breakfast.

The hiking trips available for the group:

to Mount Mayak (3 km one way, 3 hours) that gives a magnificent panorama of local attractions (screes , floodplain of the Bolshoy On, the Sayan Mountains);

to a hunter's hut (1 km one way, 2 hours). You will get acquainted with today’s everyday life of a hunter, and learn some of the hunting craft secrets;

to the suspension Bridge of Love (2 km one way, 2,5 hours). The suspension bridge passes through the high-mountain river Bolshoy On. According to a local tradition a husband or a boyfriend has to carry his beloved lady in his arms over the Bridge of Love above the waters of the mountain river;

to Lakes Kamenistoye and Lyubimoye  (1,5 km on foot, 9 km by car, 3,5 hours). You will go along a very beautiful path scattered with stones, overgrown with lots of herbal plants. Kamenistoye is a lake outlet of Lake Lyubimoye;

through the cedar forest to mountain lake Marankul (8 km one way) or to the Stoktyshskie mountain lakes (10 км one way).

Those for whom such hikes are too tough can stay at the recreation center to enjoy the surrounding views, to pick mushrooms, berries or herbs that are abundant in the area.

DAY 4 – Yurt Complex “Aldyn Bulak”

9:00 Breakfast

Departure of the group to the Republic of Tyva. The route passes through the Hundredth Passwith the height of 2214 meters above sea levelThis pass is on the border between Khakassia and Tyva.

Accommodation at yurt complex “Aldyn Bulak”.

Performers in ethnic costumes and warriors in traditional clothes greet tourists near the yurt.
Lunch (the traditional cuisine at will).

Sightseeing around the yurt complex. You will learn about the culture and traditions of the native people. You will have an opportunity to ride a horse, shoot an arrow at a target and be a fisherman.

The folk song performance and costume show is presented in the restaurant.

You will also hear throat-singing around the fire, enjoy the sounds of the ethnic musical instrument and see a shaman ceremony by the fire.

 DAY 5 - Yurt Complex “Biy Khem”

Rest in yurt complex “Biy Khem”.

Biy Khem is a yurt complex built for the tourists travelling around the Sayan Ring. The life-size felt yurts with low doors are set eastward and equipped for one or two persons. There are wooden beds, a small wardrobe and a case stand in cozy and spacious yurts. A wash-stand and a tulip sink are at the door. Hot water shower booths are in a separate big yurt. Toilets are in a separate building.

DAY 6 - Kyzyl is the Center of Asia

9:00 Breakfast.

The trip to Kyzyl (the capital of Tuva) is a visit to the geographical center of Asia which is symbolically located near the confluence of two rivers – the Biy-Khem (the Big Yenisei) and the Ka-Khem (the Small Yenisei). Further, the Great Yenisei runs crossing Siberia from south to north.

During a visit to a Buddhist monastery you can hear the sermon of the lama. While visiting a shamanic society you can ask questions to learn the secrets of shamanism.

Lunch at the restaurant.

Visits to the National Museum of the Republic of Tuva (an exhibition "The Scythian Gold"), souvenir shops, post office and a mineral spring near Kyzyl.

The exhibition "The Scythian Gold" is dedicated to the famous burial mound "Arzhan-II», the excavations carried out in 2000-2003 by the Hermitage specialists in cooperation with German Archaeological Institute. The treasures found in the mound (over 20 kg of gold artifacts) have become a real sensation in the archaeological world.

Leisure time in the city. You may visit local craftsmen who will share the secrets of national Tuvinian musical instruments, shamanic drums and jewelry.

Departure from Tuva to the nature park Ergaki.

Accommodation at recreation center "Sleeping Sayan".


DAY 7 - A Visit to "Sleeping Sayan".

9:00 Breakfast.

Meeting with “the Host” of this territory - "Sleeping Sayan". If you look closely at the outlines of the mountains, you can see that Sleeping Sayan lies on His back, with hands on His chest. You will learn more about it from the guide’s story.

The trip along "The Path of the Siberian Hunter"*. The ecological path leads to a special world with its laws, according to which fur-bearing animal hunters lived and still live now. You will enjoy picturesque landscapes and get acquainted with everyday life and traditions of hunters of the beginning of the XX century, their craft techniques and old self activating traps.

The museum of a Siberian hunter is the starting point of the route. It introduces exhibitions that show the history of hunting and development of hunting traditions in Russia. Going along the path you get acquainted with the fishing tools and learn how they work.The first part of the path runs through the mountain-taiga areas, but the forest gradually changes into subalpine meadows that are a habitat of hoofed animals and bears. There you can see trails and animal tracks.
In the middle of the route there is a hunter's winter hut. Near the hut there is a fire-pit with benches arranged in the form of a horseshoe for good luck.

At the end of the route you will meet with a taiga giant – a century-old Siberian pine!

Returning to the recreation center.


Russian banya.

DAY 8 – Trip to the Valley of Kings

9:00 Breakfast.

Departure from the recreation center to Abakan, the capital of Khakassia (2 hours travel) . 
Accommodation at a hotel.

Visit to Khakas National Museum of Regional Studies. You can find a unique collection of stone statues that are echoes of ancient cults and beliefs. Many of these statues are considered to have preserved their power.

Then the group is going to the Valley of Kings, where there are about 50 grave-mounds of III-IV centuries BC. The key destination of the trip will be the Big Salbyk burial mound, once erected over the grave of a noble family of a Tagar tribe. It was excavated in 1954-56. Its circumference was 0.5 km and the height – 11.5 m, with the weight of the standing stones 70 tons.

Dinner at the cafe where the Khakas national cuisine is served.

DAY 9 – Goodbye, Siberia!

9:00 Breakfast.

Check out.

Transfer to the airport.


Cost of the tour: 950 euro.

Extra charges:

shaman ceremonies,

consultations of a shaman,

national dishes in the yurt complex “Aldyn Bulak”,

alcoholic drinks.

Single supplement – 120 euro.




9 days

Service (included):

transportation (minibus and bus) including group transfers “airport (railway station)-hotel-airport (railway station)”;

twin-bedded accommodation at hotels, recreation center “Snow Leopard” (houses with facilities inside), yurt complex “Aldyn Bulak” (with facilities), recreation center "Sleeping Sayan" (shared facilities);

full board meals (including mineral water, coffee, tea, local drinks);


folk programs;

luggage transportation;

entrance fees to museums, parks, reserves;

Russian-speaking guide;

English/German-speaking guide for foreign guests;

visa support;

health insurance;

tick-borne encephalitis insurance.


June - August


full board meals


transportation service according to the program

People in a group:

from 6 to 20


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