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Helicopter tours \ Проверить с переводчиком.

To look at the world differently, to look beyond the horizon - it is possible now! Just one step and you're in heaven!

Being in the edge of the boundless steppes with numerous mounds, keeping the centuries-old historical and cultural values, quaint mountains of indescribable beauty and forests LLC Sanyanator organizes flights over the most beautiful and inaccessible from the ground landscapes. We offer our guests to feel delighted, seeing the most stunning landscapes of the Republic of Khakasia.

"Helicopter ride" - this is an unusual aerial gift, unique opportunity to take an exciting trip on the helicopter and look at the earth from the height of bird's flight in the company of your friends, colleagues or visitors to the city, and this trip can be a memorable honeymoon!
Walks are carried out by the helicopter company Robinson

Rent a car





The terms of the lease
Rates on car rentals

The rate includes a full and final cost of the lease.
Do not include the cost of petrol, stops to pay Parking, fines.
The terms of lease of cars
Car for rent for a period of not less than 24 hours (one day), the lease is considered from the moment of receiving the car. When you return the vehicle early payment terms are revised in accordance with the tariffs of the company, rounded to 1 days

Rent a car

Payment for the services of a car rental is cash for the corresponding vehicle under the tariffs existing in the company or credit card payment systems Visa, MasterCard and by Bank transfer. Payment will be charged on the day of signing the Contract in rubles on the day of conclusion of the Contract. The lessee pays a Deposit rate of Deposit rate corresponding car. The Deposit is a guarantee of compliance with the terms of the contract of lease, the Deposit will be refunded after you return the machine and perform the obligations under the contract.


Use for refilling only fuel recommended by the manufacturer. The client bears full financial responsibility for any vehicle damage resulting from the use of poor-quality gasoline or gasoline of other brands.
Car insurance
All cars are fully insured for hull and CTP. Insurance has a unconditional franchise 20 000 RUB. This means that upon the occurrence of the insured event the customer pays a deductible of 20 thousand. the remaining amount paid by the insurance company.
Issuance and return of vehicles
For rental cars there is an age restriction of 23 years with at least 2 years of driving experience. The car is returned with the initial level of gasoline, the shortage will be charged according to the tariffs of the company.

The responsibility of the customer

The customer is liable in case of damage, theft of the vehicle rented or its parts, even in the absence of his guilt. The client bears full liability for damage to tyres, wheels, underbody, safety of the cabin and car equipment, and also for all traffic rules violations committed while using a car for hire.


In case of loss of technical passport, insurance policy, license plates or car keys a penalty in the amount specified in the contract.
Action in the event of a traffic accident
Upon occurrence of a traffic accident the Customer must immediately call the employee of GAI, and in any case not to leave a place dorozhno-transport incident (road accident), report the incident to our representative by phone 8-983-589-70-60. The customer shall within 24 hours provide to company a certificate of the established sample about the road traffic accident (RTA).

Attention! In the absence of reference standard form of road traffic accident (RTA), the client assumes full financial liability for any vehicle damage.


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