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Great Salbyk burial mound

Great Salbyk burial mound

It is the biggest megalithic mound in the Middle Yenisei basin and the monument of Tagar culture. The mound is located in the honored steppe part of Khakassia known as the Tsars’ valley. It was excavated during archaeological expedition of 1954 – 1956 by S.V. Kiselev.


Category: Excursion

Location: Ust-Abakan district (other programs here)

Price:  starts from 1050






Time duration:

3-4 hours

Service included:

Transfer and guide


Year-round (but if suitable weather)

Meal service:

Not available, packed lunch is recommended


As to the program

Group capacity:

10 to  30 persons


The Great Salbyk burial mound is the interment place of the most powerful Dingling Tsar and his family. When visiting the mound complex you can enter mysterious gate to the spiritual world and feel the power of stone stela. Archaeologists name the place as the “Tsars’ valley” because of the fact that monumental burial complexes belonging to the ancient Middle Yenisei kingdoms chiefs are so numerous in this region of Khakassia.