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"Sunduki" mountain range

"Sunduki" mountain range

This is both historic and nature monument located in two districts of Khakassia: Shirinsky and Ordjonikidzevsky. It represents beautiful landscapes and mysterious cultural heritage of ancient civilizations. 


Time duration:

5-6 hours

Service included:

Transfer, guide


year-round (but if suitable weather)


As to the program

Group capacity:

10 to 30 persons



This is one of the most mysterious places of the region of Khakassia. Scientists still do not know exactly what kind of place this mountain range used to be. Is it an ancient observatory, cult place, UFO landing point or “Sunduki” combine all this together? People seeking for mysterious experience do find here the assertedly oldest shadow clock, unique acoustics zone, where you may hear a whisper from tens of meters far, and Tagar culture petroglyphs showing people in spacesuits. A very special valley known as the valley of spirits is located close to “Sunduki”. Only shamans and initiatic persons were allowed to visit it. Some sensitive people say that even today they may see here shadows of spiritual world, past and the future. This is why the place attracts many people seeking for a new experience. You may often see here visitors meditating, singing mantras or roaming around with their eyes wimpled. If you reach the highest mountain of “Sunduki” you may see the endless steppe, numerous ancient burial mounds, and lines of irrigating channels and feel thousands of years of human history.