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“Kazanovka” museum

“Kazanovka” museum

Category: Excursions

Location: Askiz district

Price: Starts from 1300 RUB

“Kazanovka” is the name of regional open air museum located in the South-Western part of Khakassia at the foothills of Kuznetsk Alatau Mountains. It is the first open air museum established in 1996 in Khakassia and having natural and cultural complex of monuments on its territory of 18 000 hectares.



Time duration:


8 hours

Service included:

Transfer, guide


Year-round (but if suitable weather)

Meal service:

Packed lunch, tourists may also use café in “Kazanovka” on their own


As to the program

Group capacity:

10 to 30 persons



Regional open air museum “Kazanovka” is located in Askiz district about 127 km. away from Abakan. Archaeological and ethnographic museum takes here about 18 000 hectares of interesting territory abound with beautiful nature, exciting ethnography and archaeological sites. Several thousands years ago this place was inhabited by people who prayed mountain spirits, made animals’ images on the rocks, burial mounds and mysterious ceremonies. All this brought us more than 2000 historic monuments located on museum’s and the adjacent territory. Among that huge amount of objects you may observe excavated mounds, burial complexes and about a thousand of rock engravings dated back as far as 6000 years old. The latest construction remainings found here are dated back to 4-3 century B.C.

Excursion programs in “Kazanovka” may open to their visitors simple, harmonious and very mysterious world. For example, on its territory four Mountain spirit trails are located. There is also a very special ill-fated place called Turuchakh, which is believed to be the home of spirits. Another special place, a lonesome marble monument called Akh Tas, is located in the picturesque embosomed in mountains valley Kyug (happiness), not far from guest yurt complex of “Kazanovka”. This Akh Tas stela used to serve as shrine and cultural center for many peoples. Many legends and stories are linked to this stela monument, but the main purpose to install the stone some 4000 years ago was to help people.


For the school groups!!!

Marine graduating ceremony

Category: Excursion

Location: Khakassia

Price: starts from 1850 RUB

Program is carried out at “Duke yard” tour base and includes:

A boat tour on "Islandia» small river ship. Graduate ceremony stylized to marine thematic and good cuisine. Photo-session organized up on a hill. Activities and games on sand Island. All this is graduate or school ceremony organized for different age school children.