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On the Sayan Canyon

On the Sayan Canyon
dates 2020:
12.07. - 17.07.
04.08. - 09.08.
1. Terms of the educational tour -may-September  
2. number of tourists - from 4 person
3. Surname, name, patronymic of the guide-guide - Mukhamediev Timur, Methodist instructor in tourism.
4. The program of the tour can be adjusted in the current order depending on the weather conditions, the physical condition of the participant, as well as the expressed wishes of the participant along the route and the content of the program. The adjustment of the program should not affect the time of the beginning and the end of the program of stay, as well as the increase in hours of running time of a rolling river vessel.
DAY 1: 
7:00 Departure from Abakan.
9:00 Arrival at Couscou Sosnovka, loading on the boat. 
9.30 – 20.00 Travel by boat on the Sayano-Shushenskoye reservoir route "Joysky Sosnovka – CAT Bare - checkpoint "Kerem – cordon Kargol". Breakfast and lunch on the boat. Travel information about the reservoir, protected natural areas, flora and fauna of the valley of the Yenisei.
20:00 – 23.00 Arrival to the cordon Kurgol. Introduction cordon and accommodation in a guest house. Dinner and overnight in guest house.
DAY 2: 
6.00 - 7.00 Rise. Breakfast in the guest house.
7.00 - 12.00 Interactive walking tour of the "Path of the Pathfinder" about the traces of livelihoods of animals and plants of the river valley. With access to observation points and photographing. Climbing the low ridge of starboard side of the valley. Observation of animals. Return to the cordon.
12.00 - 12.30 Bathing in the Gulf of the river. Corgol. (water temperature about 20 ° C)
12.30 - 15.30 Lunch at the guest house. Free time.
15.30 - 18.30 Walking in the floodplain forest (possibly riding if horses are not involved in patrolling this day) with visits to natural solonetzes, the remains of Tuvan camp (1960-1980s), hunting hut and labaz. 18.30 - 23.00 Bathhouse. Dinner and evening entertainment program in the fireplace room of the guest house. Overnight in the rooms of the guest house.
DAY 3: 
6.00 - 7.00 Rise, morning tea. Boarding a boat
7.00 - 12.00 Travel by boat on the Sayano-Shushenskoye reservoir along the route "Kurgol - Checkpoint" Kerema "- Gulf of the river. Us. " Excursion - a hike "Animal path". Walking tour with ascent along the animal path to the low ridge and exit to the observation point. Photographing. Bathing in the bay of the river. Ijir.
12.00 - 13.00 Lunch on the boat.
13.00 - 19.00 Fishing on a spinner with spinning.
19.00 - 23.00 Evening leisure program and dinner by the fire. Overnight in the boat cabins. (or return to Kurgol, dinner and overnight at the guest house).
DAY 4: 
7.30 - 8.30 Breakfast on the boat (or in the guest house).
8.30 - 18.30 Journey through the Sayano-Shushensky reservoir along the route "Gulf of the river. Us - checkpoint "Kerema" - checkpoint Golaya "with calls to the gulfs of the rivers Teplel, Bolshaya Golaya and Kyzyrsuk. Short excursion (less than 1 km) to the hunting hut. Lunch on the boat.
18.30 - 23.00 Bath with a bath in the reservoir. Evening leisure program and dinner in the wardroom of the checkpoint "Naked". Overnight stay in 2 and 3-person cabins on the floating base.
DAY 5:
8.00 - 8.30 Breakfast in the wardroom at the mother ship.
8.30 - 19.30 Walking tour-hike "On the trail of the hunter" along the valley of the river. Little Naked. Lunch at the stake. Interactive excursion about the traces of the life of animals and plants in the valley of the river with access to observation points along the northern border of the reserve, to high-altitude cedar forests, carob lakes and photographing. Return to the checkpoint "Naked".
19.30 - 23.00 Bathhouse. Bathing in the bay of the river. M. Naked. Dinner and evening leisure program in the wardroom, overnight in 2 and 3-bed crews of the floating base. Watching videos about PAs, photos of past travel.
DAY 6: 
9.00 - 10.00 Breakfast in the wardroom.
10.00 - 16.00 Tour of the reservoir along the route "Kola Golaya - Gulf of the river. Joyskaya Sosnovka "with a sunset and foot excursion to the" Katushka "waterfall. Lunch on the boat.
16.00 - 18.30 Transfer from the Gulf of the river. Joyskaya Sosnovka to the city of Abakan with an excursion to the observation deck of the Sayano-Shushenskaya HPS.
Tour price:  EUR. 
The tour price includes:
  • transfer Abakan - Bay R. Joysky Sosnovka – Abakan;
  • transport services by boat throughout the tour;
  • meals – full Board;
  • accommodation in guest house and on the floating base with all the comforts of 2-3 persons in room;
  • services of a guide;
  • bath (3 times).
Additional charge:
  • single occupancy – extra charge was 90 EUR;
  • support to the armed inspector on a separate travel routes for security purposes – 25 EUR/day.