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Borodinskaya cave

Borodinskaya cave

from 9 €

Borodinskaya cave is one of the biggest caves of the region.

Category: School children

Location:  Bogradsky district

Price:  starts from 9,47 €

The cave is located in Bogradsky district, 70 km far from the town of Abakan. It attracted attention of tourists and scientists immediately after it had been discovered in 1969, because the first ever founded in Siberia cave pearl was detected  right there. Along with that the cave is the habitat for a very rare long-eared bat specie and location of numerous huge stalagmites and dripstones, which definitely worth seeing, because they represent the biggest cave structures in Siberia. In spite of several difficult walk zones, this cave does not belong to any touristic danger categories and available for a visit by different audiences. Our excursion program includes walk through the main part of the cave to observe its features and get understanding of  the beautiful underground world.

Time duration:

    6 – 8 hours  



  • Transfer;
  • Guide and speleologist;
  • Equipment (hardhats, hand lamps);

Seasonality :


Meal service:

     Not available, packed lunch is recommended


     As to the program

Group capacity:

     17 + persons (2 accompanying adults free)




Time duration

Program price (transfer from Abakan)

17 persons + 2 accompanying adults free

23 persons  + 2 accompanying adults free

26 persons  + 2 accompanying adults free

Borodinskaya cave  

6-8 hours

13,52 € per person

10,14 € per person

9,47 € per person