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Museums of the town of Minusinsk

Museums of the town of Minusinsk

Category: School children

Location: Town of Minusinsk (other programs here)

Price:  Starts from 850 RUB

Recommended age:  5 - 16 years


Program description: Excursion consists of 2 parts

First part: Introduction to the oldest Siberian local history museum named after N.M. Martyanov. It exhibits numerous archeological findings representing culture of different ancient peoples who used to inhabit the region for a long historic period. Household items and cult artifacts give much information about traditional life, art and crafts as well as about mysterious religious belief of Sayan – Altai ancient peoples.  

Second part: Introduces museum of UUSR automobile and moto vehicles, which was founded thanks to enthusiasm of Mejov family. It exhibits different passenger and cargo cars, motorized carriages and motorcycles produced in that great country since 1930 up to 1970. Excursion starts from a short video about museum history and car replica collection that every visitor can make difference to.  Then it goes to a vehicle shed, full of retro cars and their interesting stories. History of automobile industry is a crucial part of the whole country’s history. This is why it is so important to explore the vehicles that were operated by our Grandparents. This museum will let you go deep in to the atmosphere of Soviet Russia and feel nostalgia about the past.


Time duration:


4-5 hours


Service included:




Entrance tickets







Meal service:

On request in a café 


As to the program

Group capacity:



17 +  persons



Time duration: 4 hours

Group capacity: 17 + persons

Transport: comfortable buses and vans  



Price include: Transfer, guide, entrance tickets.


Extra services: Meal service upon advance request.



09:00 – Departure from Abakan.

09:40 – Local history museum named after N.M. Martyanov.

11:20 – Museum of USSR automobile and moto vehicles.

13:00 – Arrive to Abakan.


Program price:


Type of excursion

 Program price (transfer from Abakan)

17 children + 2 accompanying adults free

23 children + 2 accompanying adults free

26 children + 2 accompanying adults free

Local history museum + retro cars’ museum 

1500  RUB per person

1000  RUB per person

850 RUB per person