Fishing route №5

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Район: Республика Тыва ...в этом районе

The mouth of the river Uyuk - the river Biy-Khem (Big Yenisei) - the river Khamsara - the Aldyy-Derlig-Khol lake

Untouched by civilization the river Khamsara is considered one of the cleanest rivers on earth, with unforgettable landscapes, rapids, waterfalls and fishing. Also there is a beautiful and pure lake of Aldyy-Derlig-Khol.


In the east of Tuva, the Todzhin basin.



burbot, whitefish, perch, pike, lenok, grayling, taimen.


From the 10th of May to the 20th of September.


A camp site and a motorboat. One day - spending the night in hunting lodges.

In the boat there are: 6 berths, a converter for 220V, lighting, camping equipment, sleeping accessories, portable tables, chairs, field kitchen, utensils, a gas stove, radio stations with a radius of up to 10 km, a satellite phone, a radio tape recorder, life jackets.


Program of the tour (9 days):

Day 1 - Departure from the camp site “Lynx” by car and a boat to the village of Yrban (200 km) by boat without a group and a car trip to the village “Torakhem” (320 km) with a group. Launching the boat on water, loading. Boating with a group down the river Biy-Khem to the village of Yirban (55 km). Refueling. Evening fishing (grayling, lenok, taimen, pike). Dinner (national cuisine). Overnight in a boat and a camping site.


Day 2 – Boating up the river Biy-Khem by boat and motorboat, then along Khamsara to the mouth of the river Kadyros (80 km). Refueling. Lunch, fishing. Boating up to the mouth of the river Bediy (75 km) by boat and motorboat. On the way running rapid Kezhykhemsky of the 2nd category of difficulty and rapid Ryaboi of the 3rd category of difficulty. Evening fishing on the river Bediy. Dinner. Overnight in a boat and tents.


Day 3 - Breakfast. Boating up the river Khamsara to the Khamsarinsky waterfall (80 km) by boat and motorboat. On the way having lunch, running rapid Kutsiy of the 2nd category of difficulty. Installation of a tent camp. Evening fishing on the river. Dinner. Overnight in a boat and a tent camp.


Day 4 - Breakfast, dragging the boat above the waterfall. Boating up the river B. Khamsara to the lake Aldyy-Derlig-Khol by boat PVC. Lunch in the field, a walk along the lake. Rafting down the river to the camping site with fishing. Dinner. Overnight stay.


Day 5 - Breakfast. Decamping. Rafting with fishing by boats PVC and a speedboat with an outboard motor up to the mouth of the river Sorug. Dinner. Encamping. Boating up the river Sorug to the waterfall, fishing under the waterfall, rafting with fishing to the mouth of the river. Evening fishing. Dinner. Overnight stay.


Day 6 - Breakfast. Boating with fishing down the river Khamsara by boat PVC to the mouth of the river Kezhi-Khem. Fishing. Lunch in the field. Dinner. Overnight stay.


Day 7 - Breakfast. Boating up to Kezhihemsky waterfall by boat PVC, lunch in the field, fishing. Boating with fishing down the river to the camp, night fishing at the mouth of the river, dinner, overnight.


Day 8 - Breakfast. Delivery of the motorboat with a group to the village Seivi. On the way having lunch and refueling in the village Yrban. Evening sauna, dinner, overnight in hunting lodges.


Day 9 - Breakfast. Boating a group down the river to the city of Kyzyl, departure to the city of Abakan by car.


Total cost:

1 500 $ for 1 person (group of 6 people).


The price includes: accommodation in hunting lodges, sauna, transfer (car, motorboat, boat PVC), meals, fishing planning, fuel, rental of tourist equipment, instructor's work, services of a cook and a guide-driver, communication service, accident insurance.

The price does not include: transfer from the city of Abakan to the city of Kyzyl. Transfer from the mouth of the river Uyuk to the city of Abakan, accommodation in a hotel in Abakan, accommodation at the camp site "Lynx", meals in the city, meals during the transfer, alcoholic drinks.


Individual photo and video shooting.

Accommodation in a hotel in Abakan and in the tourist camp of Biy-Khem in yurts.

Visiting shamans and excursions in the city of Kyzyl.

The tour is conducted on the boat BORUS-M and boats PVC - Abakan Jet 480.


We recommend that you pre-vaccinate against encephalitis mites.

The weight of personal equipment should not exceed 10 kg.

Do not forget that you have chosen an active kind of rest, so be prepared for the field living conditions.

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